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FORT NYC Co-Founders

When it came to getting in shape, you only had a few choices.

You could slog it out in the gym by yourself and hope that your form and exercise choices and program were good enough to get you where you wanted to go (and hopefully get you there in one piece!)

You could hire a personal trainer and hope that her expertise and the accountability would yield results before it became too cost prohibitive to continue shelling out hundreds of dollars per week.

You could attend large, group fitness classes that were filled with enthusiasm but no real structure or individual attention or progression. It was fun while it was happening but you never felt like you were getting anywhere. And exercising in other people’s sweat tends to run its course really quickly.

Here’s the good news. Training works.

When done correctly, training can have remarkably powerful effects. It can make you substantially stronger. It can increase your work capacity and cardiovascular capabilities. It can improve your health and performance. It can help you look the way you want to look. It can build courage and confidence and belief in yourself.

But just walking into a gym or signing up for a group fitness class or buying a pack of personal training sessions isn’t enough. In fact, the chance of any of those things actually working is pretty low.

You need a specific program that meets you at your current capabilities and progresses from week to week and month to month. Not generic workouts that just repeat themselves over and over again.

You need coaches who are invested in your technique and your journey but aren't so expensive that you can’t build any type of consistency without the fear of going broke.

You need a community of like-minded people all training and succeeding together but not a room filled with dozens of people where you can get lost in the corner and never get a cue or instruction from a coach.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help!

The reason we know that those things don’t work is that we used to do them ourselves.

We loved going to group fitness classes.

We grew up exploring the gym and bouncing around from machine to machine and program to program.

And we made our living providing one-on-one personal training to wonderful clients at one of the premier gyms in the country.

But, ultimately, we stopped training ourselves that way. Rather we would get together with a small group of 3 to 4 friends, write out a progressive and meaningful program and all commit to getting after it. Coaching and encouraging and pushing each other in order to succeed.

The experience was electric. The results were incomparable.

We quickly knew that not only was this the only way for us to train but that it was the only way for our clients to get the results they were truly after.

So we turned our back on huge hourly rates and antiquated methods and set out to bring what worked to the world.

We started The Fort.

We Take This Seriously. We Do What Works.

The first big change we made was to split-the-difference between larger group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training by creating small training groups of up to 4 people at a time led by an expert coach. This allowed us to provide as much necessary attention as personal training while making it more fun and affordable.

You'll be surrounded with like-minded training partners who are there to support you, encourage you, challenge you and make you work harder than you ever would on your own. (But not so many that you’ll get lost in the shuffle).

Every training program at The Fort is designed to help you move better, get stronger, increase your work capacity and improve your body composition. These are the reasons most people train and we are remarkably diligent (some would say nerdy) in ensuring that our program delivers those results for all our clients - regardless of your current fitness level.

The Fort truly is for everyone. We ‘meet you where you are’ and make the training appropriate for you - whether you were a high level collegiate athlete or are an absolute beginner. And we keep track of all relevant data (weights, paces, reps, etc.) so we can make sure that we are making weekly progress towards your goals.

You'll utilize the most effective tools in order to drive up your strength, improve your work capacity and improve your body composition. And you'll never find yourself waiting around for this equipment so we can ensure seamless execution of our training program.We've made training affordable so you can train with proper frequency that will actually drive in results.We've baked in several layers of accountability to help ensure this won't be just another gym or training program you sign up for and never attend. We are the opposite of almost every other gym - we want you to show up and we'll do everything we can to make sure that you do.

We’ve put all these factors in place in order to solve the problems (your problems!) with fitness and training. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You no longer have to try to solve the problems on your own. We’ve solved them for you.

This is a special place. We want you to be part of it. We want to help solve your fitness problems. It’s what makes us feel good. It’s what we are here to do.

We are The Fort. We’re ready for you.

We take training seriously. We do what works.

The Community Is The Best Part.

The biggest difference between our personal training days and what we've built at The Fort can be summed up in one word: Community.

Without question you will train harder when you are surrounded by like-minded people who are struggling and suffering and succeeding alongside of you. The coaches and fellow members will quickly become your new fitness family. They'll be invested in your progress and they'll be in it with you every step of the way.  It feels way different than one-on-one where you are isolated with your trainer and more tight-knit than big, anonymous group fitness classes.

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