Kyle Front Squat

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between training at Fortitude and CrossFit?

We’ve got no problem with CrossFit but there are many difference between what you’d find in a CrossFit (or any other gym) and at Fortitude Strength Club. We never allow more than 4 people in our training groups and each group is supervised by a coach. So you always have an expert paying attention to your program and technique. We also believe in following the principles of exercise science. You’ll use movements for their best intended purpose and will make sure you use good technique. We also believe in progressive programming that builds specific strength qualities over periods of time and not a random programming approach. And while CrossFit will scale the weights used on certain exercises, we scale the actual movements themselves so you are using what is appropriate for you.

We are similar to CrossFit in that we love barbell movements, gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning. We are also big believers in building a solid community and providing a great training environment.

This seems pretty expensive for a gym membership. What gives?

Membership at FSC is very different than membership at a commercial gym. We provide you with programming so you have a long-term plan and your training is organized every time you step into the facility. Plus, every session at the Fort is supervised by a performance coach. If you work with a trainer at most commercial gyms you’ll be paying upwards of $150 per hour. If you train 3 times per week, that comes out to $1800 per month. Three times per week training at FSC is only $699 per month, less than 50% of what you’d pay in a commercial gym. You’re welcome. We also limit the total numbers of members and the amount of people that can be in the facility at any given time. So you can do what you want to do – train hard – and not spend your time sitting around waiting for 30 minutes for someone to be done with the squat rack.

Can I bring in 3 buddies and have all of us train at the same time?

You sure can. Just have you and your friends sign up for the same training session and you’ll all be training together.

What if I can’t lift as much weight or do the same exercises as the other people in my group?

We scale all weights and movements in a way that is appropriate for you. So, if you aren’t ready to put a bar on your back and squat you won’t be doing so. We do think there is huge value in people of different skill levels training together and your coach will make sure that everyone is getting the most out of their session. As long as you come in prepared to train hard you’ll be fine.

I love everything about your facility but I am following my own program and just want to come in and use the equipment. Can I do that?

Unfortunately, no. Facility floor space is reserved for our members who are attending their strength training or weightlifting sessions.