Our Vision

To evolve the way that people approach and experience training.

We’ve worked in gyms and training facilities for a long time. We’ve been in collegiate strength and conditioning rooms. We’ve prepared for international competitions. We’ve belonged to commercial gyms. We’ve done CrossFit. We’ve done bodybuilding, weightlifting, gymnastics. We’ve trained clients for literally thousands of hours and trained ourselves for thousands more.

Through these experiences, we’ve learned a few things:

  • People train best in small groups. Groups that are small enough to be coached and observed but large enough that energy, focus and friendly competition all exist.
  • One-on-one training is expensive and you aren’t getting a great value from it. There is some benefit to one-on-one but most people can’t afford it and even more people don’t need it. Once you learn how to move and perform the exercises you are paying a premium for something you don’t need. Again, this brings us back to the small group concept – the right amount of attention you need at less than half the cost of private training.
  • Your program needs to progress. Have you ever seen that guy at the gym who as been bench pressing 135 pounds for three sets of 10 reps for years? Or even worse, the woman who is working with a personal trainer who hasn’t changed her program in months? You don’t want to be these people because your training isn’t going anywhere. We provide programming that makes sure you progress, is monitored and recorded.
  • You need to train as often as possible. We realize that not everyone can train every day. However, we do want you coming in and training as often as possible. This is why we’ve kept the price of the unlimited membership as low as we could. We are unlike every other gym – we actually want you to come in. We miss you when you don’t.
  • Consistency + Effort = Results. Yes, we are going to guide you along the way by providing a great program. And we’ve certainly done our best to equip the gym with the best tools and equipment available. But all this is secondary. What we are truly trying to achieve is an environment where you can come in often and are pushed to train up to and beyond your capabilities. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. We want to help you get there.

Amazingly, a place where all the above factors come together does not exist. Believe me, we looked. This is why we established Fortitude Strength Club. To give our members the optimal tools, experience and training environment to succeed.



Our Philosophy

“The best of the best all do certain things in common.”

First off, they have great coaching. As much as you might already know about training, solid coaching will provide feedback, motivation, and and a new perspective that is impossible to reach on your own.

They also train in groups. Groups small enough so that they can be monitored and coached but large enough to provide energy, camaraderie and accountability (but not so large that you get lost or overwhelmed). Face it, you are going to train harder when you are around a few other like-minded people with similar abilities and goals.

Lastly, they follow progressive programs that follow an evidence-based approach and have specific performance goals. At Fortitude Strength Club, we’ve developed a list of performance standards that fit your current fitness level as well as give you higher and higher goals to strive for. Our entire training system is based on propelling you to these goals. You’ll know exactly what your training goals are and what you are trying to achieve. Your days of ‘working out’ are over. At the Fort, you are showing up to train.